Lets face it, just about everyone has a mobile phone, and more and more have phones with Internet access. This means that the potential target market for mobile coupons is massive, and growing all the time. Recent Deloitte Research suggests that US shoppers were actively looking to receive coupons via their mobiles, while another Compete Survey found that smartphone users want to use coupons. 

Red Raccoon Mobile coupons are the digital version of the printed coupons you generally find in newspaper circulars and coupon mailers. Mobile coupons are more convenient and don't require a pair of scissors and a afternoon of thumbing through the Sunday paper or a stack of coupon mailer leaflets. They are a green technology and cost a fraction of the typical cash outlay to print and mail to your customers. The bottom line is that you'll save time, money, trees, and the Earth by going green with Red Raccoon Mobile Coupons.