Bulk SMS Blast
Red Raccoon Mobile Marketing allows you to send and receive text messages reliably via direct connections with carriers. No gimmicky email SMTP gateway.
Twitter-Like Services
Twitter is for personal use. Red Raccoon Mobile Marketing is for BUSINESS use.
Message Forwarding
incoming messages can be forwarded to an email or mobile phone of your choice.
SMS Auto-Responder
You can customize and change this automatic response for people who text your keyword in.
Mobile Text Appointment Reminder
Red Raccoon Mobile Reminders are the EASIEST and most affordable online mobile text reminder service..
Borrowing an idea form roulette. send out random responses to those who text your keyword to your short code.
Business-Grade Text
Send and receive bulk SMS messages or individual messages via our easy-to-use web based software or robust SMS API.
2-Way SMS
Recipients of a text blast can simply reply back and the responses will be delivered to your trumpia inbox.
Mobile Keyword Sign-up
Join thousands of businesses who are advertising their mobile keywords in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and all ,billboards.
Online Sign-up Form
Create online signup pages so people can enter
their contact info on your website and automatically populate your online contact database.
Mobile Voting
Create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes and polls.
Other Features
Automated messages. scheduled messages. Mobile number extraction form your mixed database. Send a blast form your phone. Area code filtering professionaly-designed email templates.